Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beach Girl: come with me

Ok this drawing I draw without photo
reference, I draw with a Art S Buck artist model
from realife, and develop afterward, the story is
in my dream a girl in bikini at the beach grap my arm
and ask me to come with her ~~ lol, I try to draw the
beach but, too lazy to start lol and further more i need
more reference for the beach.....lol

Alexia Belle

I attempted to draw from a photo reference and change
the style to more comics and redraw it in again
and again.....

Jap Jap Girl

Draw this from A photo reference A sexy
Japanese OL

(Without Cloth and with alittle anatomy)

A copy of one of Hyung-Tae Kim's drawing

(FANART) lol

woman Anatomy Study

Jill Valentine before and after lol
after I did some adjust in Photoshop with
my tablet

Alright it's about damn time......

ok this is one of my first digital painting
it look shitty and unfinish but what the hell
there you go comments plz